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Turbojet is a  SaaS-in-a-Box  code template built with Node.js & Express

A pre-built jet engine for your next SaaS project. Turbojet is a lean server-side rendered web app that uses Hotwire principles. Turbojet has a clean project architecture. It's based on best practices and years of experience.

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A new application comes with hundreds of decisions. Express is unopinionated. What libraries should be used? Data model? Folder structure? Turbojet gets you up and running quickly with an architecture based on industry best practices.


Allow users to create Teams, invite users, and set permissions.

Bring Your Own DB

Support for Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server out-of-the-box.

Basic Landing Page

Includes a basic landing page to build your marketing site.

Mobile Ready

Built from the ground up to work on desktop and mobile devices.

User Impersonation

Provide support to your users with built-in user impersonation.

Beautiful Code

A clean project structure based on industry best practices.

Admin Dashboard

An out-of-the-box admin dashboard to manage accounts and users.


Stripe integration with support for a wide range of payment setups.


Uses industry-standard security and privacy best practices.

Deploy Anywhere

Platform independent. Works great with any cloud infrastructure.

Clean Simple Design

Designed with a beautiful, clean user-friendly interface.

Built-in Emails

Pre-made emails for authentication, sign up, help, etc...


Testing is included out-of-the-box to make your app rock solid.


Easily change the theme of your app to match your unique business.

Great Docs

Clean documentation to get you up and running quickly.


Need help? We are here with friendly and helpful support.


Turbojet is made to be easy to understand, quick to develop, secure and reliable.

  • Keep it Simple
    Minimal dependencies. Easy to understand structure.
  • Design is Essential
    Clean UI/UX should be at the heart an application.
  • Follow Best Practices
    Don't reinvent the wheel. Learn from the past.
  • Use Boring Tech
    Only use boring battle tested libraries
  • Embrace the Web
    Use the web as it was intended to be used.


Turbojet keeps third-party packages to a minimum. We only use popular libraries that are time-tested and secure.

  • Backend Node.js, Express
  • Database Knex (Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle)
  • Frontend Bootstrap, Handlebars, Hotwire Turbo
  • Payments Stripe
  • Authentication Passport

Why Turbojet

Turbojet aims to be simple but powerful. It may be for you if,

1. You feel like today's web apps are over-engineered

Turbojet is a breath of fresh air if you find the SPA (Single Page Application) trend needlessly complex. Building traditional SSR (Server Side Rendered) web apps can be fast and scalable. You can learn more here: Second-guessing the modern web, Frontend First Podcast Discussion, and HTML Over the Wire.

2. You want to outsource the edge cases

Building a new SaaS application is a minefield of edge cases. We take care of those for you. This way you can focus on what makes your product great.

3. You want code that's easy to understand

It's quick to get started with Turbojet and the code is easy to understand. You can review and change the core features as you see fit.

4. You want something that looks good out of the box

Maybe you are not a designer at heart. Maybe you are but you don't want to get sidetracked. Turbojet gets you started with beautiful UI/UX.

5. You want to own your destiny

The core of your business should be in your hands. With Turbojet the code is yours and you are done paying the day you buy your license.

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